This is an instance of GitLab running on a local Ubuntu VM.  I wanted the ability to maintain private repo’s without paying git hub.  I went with GitLab because it offered a comprehensive solution, much better than a simple git repo using htaccess.  I utilize Digital Ocean’s Spaces to backup everything off site. 

Local and Remote Services

I utilize and experiment with both local and remote resources.  I run a Xen bare metal server locally, but I also utilize Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services. 

Main Site

Angular and ASP.NET Core application to handle a welcome page, an about page, and a blog.

GitLab Repos

Casperinc.MainSite.API – ASP.NET Core
Casperinc.MainSite.WebApp – Angular CLI

Identity Provider

Identity Service designed to handle user authentication/authorization across multiple distinct api services.

  • Allows for a single control point for logins for different and possibly unrelated services.
  • Allows for introspection communication from backing APIs to confirm tokens.

GitLab Repos

Casperinc.IdentityProvider.API – ASP.NET Core